Repair Shop Rewards System

The HPP Repair Shop Rewards System is a web-based management system that allows you to offer cash back rewards to your dentists. It's simple to use and a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

How It Works

Once you create a repair shop account (left bar of the main page), your repair shop dashboard allows you to add/edit dentists and issue them cash back rewards. You can setup your account to issue rewards two different ways;

1. 1 cash back reward per handpiece sent in for repair
2. Cash back percentage of invoice totals

For the point system, you assign a dollar amount for each point, i.e. a doctor receives $5.00 for each point earned - for each handpiece sent in for repair. For the percentage system, you assign a percentage amount for each invoice total, i.e. a doctor receives 5% cash back on each invoice.

Issuing rewards is fast and easy! The doctor is emailed each time you issue a reward or pay them out.

Payouts All the doctor has to do, is call you to request a purchase payout for his rewards total. You then process the payout via the rewards system.

Test it out Create a repair shop account, add a test dentist and check the system out. When you are done testing, just delete the test dentist from your dashboard and go LIVE!

Privacy Notice We use a third party data company for this service and never use your dentist information for any purpose.